Summer Camp Ages 3 – 5

Summer Camp 2019

Campers ages 3 – 5

8:30am – 12:45pm Half -day

8:30am – 3:15pm Full-day

extended care offered at $7 an hour rate
7:30 – 8:30am / 3:15 – 6:00pm

Daily Schedule

7:30-8:30     Morning Educare

8:30-10:30   Free Choice Activities

10:30-11:15 Weekly Themed Enrichments

1:00-1:30     3yr Nap Time 4-5yrs Chapter Book Reading & Rest Time

1:30-3:15     4-5yrs Afternoon Free Choice Activities

3:15-6:00     Afternoon Educare


**Friday is water day, Primary Campers will spend the morning in a variety of water play activities on campus.


Adventure Week

June 10 – 14

Campers will start their summer off by getting to know each other and what better way to do that then to go on an adventure together!  Campers will set up tents, enjoy camp songs and S’mores.  Campers will also enjoy creating and exploring a pond biome right in their classroom.


Exploring our Natural World

June 17 – 21

There is so much to explore in the world around us.  We will look at the life cycle of plants, campers will put together their own terrariums to take home.  Campers will help design and build a sensory garden and help with planting a raised-bed gardens to be tended and harvested throughout the season.


Space Art

June 24 – 28

This week campers will use their imagination and creativity to blast off into space! Join us as we construct awesome mixed-media jetpacks, imagine and paint alien universes, build miniature rocket ships, build paper-mache planets, and more.


Music and Movement

July 8 – 12

Young campers love to move to the music!  This week campers will learn new songs and sing some old songs as they move to the music.  Hand clapping, body shaking, knee bending, arm swaying and dancing to the rhythm will be fun, fun, fun!


Nutty Science

July 15 – 19

We will welcome the science team from The Nutty Scientists to provide the campers with an exciting show and many informative and fun experiments to learn more about the focus concepts.


Ocean Art

July 22 – 26

This week campers will explore oceanic landscapes and animals through art.  Join us as we create 3-dimensional glow in the dark sea creatures, paint bioluminescent scenes, and explore the traditional Japanese printmaking of Gyotaku.  Students will also collaborate to create an interactive large scale underwater scene and learn about perspective.


World Sports

July 29 – August 2

Game on!  This week we will explore many sports from all over the world.  Campers will learn about sports from different countries along with other games keeping everyone moving and having a great time.  Get ready to work up a sweat and have a ball!



August 5 – 9

Campers will learn about different types of sculpture through various materials and practices.  Campers will assemble a ‘Nevelson box’ using recycled materials inspired by Louie Nevelson.  Build a colorful stabile inspired by Alexander Calder, and collaborate to create a sculpture inspired by Dale Chihuly.  Campers will also make miniature polymer clay charms and learn the technique of repoussé to create relief sculptures from copper plates.


Music and Instruments

August 12 – 16

This week campers will not only move with the music they will be adding instruments.  Percussion instruments are a great way to learn about rhythm while having a great time doing it!  Campers will also have an opportunity to listen to and learn about the many instruments of an orchestra.


Nutty Science

August 19 – 23

We will welcome the science team from The Nutty Scientists to provide capes with an exciting show and many informative and fun experiments to learn more about the focus concepts.