Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Learning

Coming up on our 35th Anniversary, Go Like the Wind Montessori School is excited to be partnering with Whitmore Lake Public Schools to offer a pilot Multi-Age-Magnet Montessori Program starting in the Fall of 2021.  This will be a tuition-free Montessori program for students who are going into Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.  Space is limited.

Infant through 3rd Grade

Montessori is an educational philosophy, movement, and method. It is a peaceful, respectful, and holistic way of learning founded by an innovative scientist. Trained teachers prepare the classroom environment. Your child will acquire an inner discipline from exposure to both physical and mental order in their classrooms. In addition, habits of concentration, perseverance, and thoughtfulness are established in the early years. Confidence and learning capabilities that last a lifetime are established and nurtured due to the fact that Montessori introduces your child to the joy of learning while providing a framework in which individual and social discipline go hand in hand.

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