The literary life in the toddler community


 Reading opens up the world. It is a key to success in life. Literacy begins in early childhood at our school. Here at Go Like the Wind, a culture of reading is created within every program. Beginning with phonics, we focus on pure sounds rather than the letter names, which leads to blending sounds in order to read. Learn more…

Sing peace around the world


Diversity is uniquely special to our school. Our multicultural community is vibrant and dynamic. We celebrate our differences as something truly special. A favorite tradition is our annual International Festival, where we enjoy sights, sounds, and tastes from all around the world. Learn more…

runners at Eastern University


Movement is incorporated into our school day with time on the playground, hikes on campus, and intramural sports. All students participate in physical education classes. Middle school students, in addition, get an extra elective choice each week. Heading off campus to local universities is also part of how Montessori moves us. Learn more…

flute performance at the spring concert


Concerts, composing, recording, and integrating the arts and technology are all part of our outstanding music program. Our school has a collection of CDs, all containing original music. Each of our students participate in music. We offer band, jazz band, orchestra, and an opportunity to take charge of the producing each concert. Learn more…

At the bank of the creek


Our learning extends beyond the classroom with field trips and service projects. Starting in kindergarten, your student will travel off campus to further explore their biome studies. Elementary and middle school students travel out of state and even out of the country. Each trip allows your student to make connections to the larger world and to begin thinking globally. Learn more…

oil pastel design


Our Art program is exceptional. Starting at the toddler level, our art teacher brings art into the classroom. Experiencing creativity in the prepared Montessori environment is a natural combination. Learn more

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Go Like the Wind Montessori School is a not for profit school with 501c3 tax status.