Infant program

Infant Program

6 weeks – 18 months


Our Infant community emphasizes the development of a sense of trust and self importance in each child. You will notice the warm, responsive, and nurturing environment when you enter the room. The aesthetics of the room are peaceful, clean, holistic, and organic; free of contraptions that limit mobility or an overwhelming amount of visual stimuli. Infants are provided with a safe space in which to grow and freedom to move within that space. The consistency of routines and individualized care provided builds trust.


Our infant curriculum is based on developmental stages, sensitive interaction, and a prepared environment. Physical, social, language, and cognitive development are an integral part of our Infant program. Most importantly, we talk to our infants, rock them, hold them, and encourage them to try new things as they grow.


It will be easy for a baby to adapt to this new environment. The design of our Infant program as well as our emphasis on individual care enables a baby to maintain his/her own feeding and sleeping schedule. The daily needs of your infant such as diapering, feeding, cuddling, and sleeping are optimal times for interaction, cooperation, intimacy, and mutual enjoyment.


Older infants continue to improve and develop their gross motor skills in a separate and fenced outdoor play area. Weather permitting, the older infants play outside daily. Movement and independence are guided by respect for each infants ability. Our infants are considered initiators, explorers, and self learners.


Both classrooms have a teacher to child ratio that will not exceed 4 children per teacher.

“Free the child's potential,

and you will transform him into the world.”

Maria Montessori

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