Toddlers working the the sound cylinders

Toddler Program

18 months – 3 years


The toddler curriculum includes language, socialization, movement, exploration, practical life, and functional independence, as well as grace and courtesy.


Expressive and receptive language development is an important area of growth for toddlers who change daily in their ability to express themselves and comprehend what they hear. Much of the work in the classroom enhances this emerging skill through daily living, language cards, as well as realistic objects, songs, and stories.


The toddler room provides caring and nurturing environment that fosters each child’s development of basic trust. The program is designed to meet the needs of each child while emphasizing movement, play, manipulation, exploration, socialization, and autonomy. Activities that enrich the curriculum include sensory materials, use of crawling/climbing structures, music, art, language, dramatic play, stories, and outdoor experiences. Children are given a free choice of activities to choose from and are permitted to proceed at their own pace. Each child learns according to their own individual capabilities and enjoy a sense of freedom and spontaneity. 


The beginnings of social membership take shape in a multi-aged classroom, practicing the different social roles of novice and leader in a safe environment. Living within a community requires the ongoing practice of developing grace and courtesy.


Practical life includes learning care of self and bathroom independence.


The toddler classroom is designed to be a transition into our Montessori primary classrooms. Your child will learn to make many simple choices and begin to complete a work cycle. Self-help skills, which will include toilet training, will be developed and reinforced. Children will be introduced to beginning Montessori materials and educational activities. Upon completion of toilet learning, toddlers who reach their third birthday before March are eligible to transition into our preprimary Montessori classrooms during the school year.


The classroom has a teacher to student ratio that will not exceed 4 children per teacher.

“To assist a child we must provide

him with an environment

which will enable him to develop freely.”

Maria Montessori

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