Summer Camp Ages 3 – 5

Summer Camp 2018

Campers ages 3 – 5

8:30am – 12:45pm Half -day

8:30am – 3:15pm Full-day

extended care offered at $7 an hour rate
7:30 – 8:30am / 3:15 – 6:00pm

Getting to Know You

June 13 – 15

Hello friends old and new, we’re off to a great start at summer camp! Our short week will focus on social skills and what it is to be part of a greater community. Grace and courtesy is our way of instilling manners, respect for those and our surroundings.

Little Italy

Buongiorno Amici

June 18 – 22

Ciao! Your child will be learning many conversational Italian phrases and cultural nuances. Join us in our exploration of different aspects of the Italian culture, such as song, art, folklore and popular eats.


Kneading Bread?

June 25 – 29

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread. Campers will learn what goes into bread making. Campers will also learn how to make toppings for their breads, like sun butter, fruit preserves and butter!

Little Garden

How Does Your Garden Grow?

July 9 – 13

Campers will learn the basics of gardening while planting and observing the growth of pre-planted vegetables. Find out what vegetables you can easily regrow at home. We eat what we sow. Get crafty with printing, using garden vegetables and fruits.


Things That Crawl

July 16 – 20

As we work in the garden we discover many things that crawl. Why are these creepy crawlers good or bad for our plants. Learn about the parts of an insect and some of the amazing facts about these underrated superstars. Campers will also be busy making insect themed crafts and special treats.


Mad Science

July 23 – 27

Campers will partake in fun and playful science experiments along with creating delicious treats. As campers are mixing up some fun, they are exploring with their five senses and using practical math skills.

Little Cars

Ready, Set, Go!

July 30 – August 3

Everyone is a winner when working together to design and build racing courses to test out their foot speed and agility. Campers will create their own sporty t-shirts to wear on the final day of camp when showing off the race cars they built at the GLTW Auto Show.


Adventures in Reading

August 6 – 10

Campers will work on their pre-reading and reading skills while enjoying an array of literary favorites. Crafts and special treats to coincide with each wonderful story adventure we go on. Students will work on making a class story to be read to parents on the last day of camp.


This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land

August 13 – 17

Learn how Native American’s lived off the land using materials that were found to build shelter, weapons for hunting and what types of foods they ate. Campers will also learn about recycling, composting and other ways of protecting Earth.


Pirates and Mermaids

August 20 – 24

Come explore the sea with pirates and mermaids guiding you on an exploration adventure below the waves. Campers will build an underwater biome, create a small aquaponics tank to learn about the cycle between plants and fish, and design their own mermaid tail as they race ahead of the peg legged pirates.