Summer Camp Grades 1-6

Summer Camp 2019

Campers Grades 1 – 6 

*Campers may be separated by age groups depending on enrollment

8:30am – 3:15pm

extended care offered at $7 an hour rate
7:30 – 8:30am / 3:15 – 6:00pm

Daily Schedule

7:30-8:30     Morning Educare    

8:30-10:30   Morning Focus Session    

10-30-11:15  Outdoor Activity Time  

1:00-3:00     Afternoon Focus Session  

3:00-6:00    Afternoon Educare  


**Friday is water day, campers will spend the morning at Independence Lake.


Adventure Week

Week One  $250

June 10 – 14

Join us for an adventure!  Campers will be learning different survival skills like campfire and shelter building, orienteering, kayaking down rivers, fishing, and culminating the week with riding down the rapids of Argo Park on tubes!  Make sure to bring a change of shoes because we will be spending more time outside than inside for this week of camp.


Exploring our Natural World

Week Two  $250

June 17 – 21

Campers will start with a trip to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens where we will experience hands-on learning about the life cycle of plants while putting together their own terrariums to take home.  Campers will be introduced to a variety of different flowers as we plan and create a sensory garden with the Primary campers.  A trip to Kerrytown Farmer’s Market to explore the produce that is grown right here in Michigan, will have the campers interacting with the local farmers when picking out items to create an afternoon snack with.  Campers will also be planting their own raised-bed gardens with crops to be harvested throughout the season.


Space Art

Week Three  $250

June 24 – 28

This week campers will use their imagination and creativity to blast off into space!  Join us as we construct mixed-media jetpacks, conceptualized and paint alien universes, build miniature rocket ships, create paper-mache planets, and so much more.


Music Writing

Week Four  $250

July 8 – 12

Campers will focus on learning and using proper musical notations for the many various musical symbols and expression markers.  Once campers successfully craft the musical notations, each campers will compose various melodies and chord progressions as we explore the introduction to musical composition.


Nutty Science

Week Five  $300

July 15 – 19

We will welcome the science team from The Nutty Scientists to provide the campers with an exciting show and many informative and fun experiments to learn more about the focus concepts. 


Ocean Art

Week Six  $250

July 22 – 26

This week campers will explore oceanic landscapes and animals through art.  Join us as we create 3-dimensional glow in the dark sea creatures, paint bioluminescent scenes, and explore the traditional Japanese printmaking of Gyotaku.  Students will also collaborate to create an interactive large-scale underwater scene and learn about perspective.


World Sports

Week Seven  $250

July 29 – August 2

Game on!  The week campers will explore sports and games from all over the world.  Campers will learn the games of Cricket (India), Bocce Ball (Italy), Badminton (China), Branbol (Sweden), Golf (Scotland), Schlagball (Germany), Bola (Peru) along with other games to keep everyone moving.  Get ready to work up a sweat and have a ball doing so.



Week Eight  $250

August 5 – 9

Campers will learn about different types of sculpture through various material, practices, and art history.  Campers will assemble a ‘Nevelson box’ using recycled material inspired by Louise Nevelson, build a colorful and balanced stabile inspired by Alexander Calder, and learn the technique of repoussé to create relief sculptures from copper plates.


Instrument Refresher

Week Nine  $250

August 12 – 16

This week campers will work on their ‘band’ instrument to shake off the dust from summer or to get a head start on their instrument.  Focus will be on basic technique and fundamentals to make sure that every camper will be ready for the starting of the school year.  Scalar exercises, small group performances, and preview of the up coming year’s music will be a part of this session.


Nutty Science

Week Ten $300

August 19 – 23

We will welcome the science team from The Nutty Scientists to provide the campers with an exciting show and many informative and fun experiments to learn more about the focus concepts.